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Magna Carta R.I.P ?
Religious Freedom and The Church


As he learned of the approaching 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, Jude Meritus was determined to find out why the nation and church is so silent when the western world's political and cultural history founded on free-speech is so under fire today.


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Why are age-old values that built Britain’s political and cultural history so under fire today?
As he learned of the approaching 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta Jude Meritus was determined to find out why the church was so silent in the face of growing threats to freedom of speech and conscience on the Anniversary.
Read how a much-loved comedy programme of the 1950’s was prophetic when the immortal words “Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?” were spoken by Tony Hancock and follow the link to watch the video.
With a brief look at the Great Charter then and now and its significance worldwide, the author does an Anniversary freedom health check, uncovering some of the issues that are not being heard as politicians, historians and philosophers eulogise over our gift of liberty to the world in fine-sounding speeches and commentaries on Magna Carta’s influence and gravity.
Lone voices in the wilderness tell a different and disturbing story of the realities and Jude exposes the agendas behind what he terms as ‘genderism’’. He reveals how, in less than thirty years the public and much of the church have been conditioned to accept alien ideas and how the laws of the land are enforcing a new and dangerous dogma, hardly noticed by the majority of people.
How many are aware that we have been ‘Gas-lighted’ over the past decades and what catastrophes are waiting just around the corner?
The book examines and includes the hard evidence of conspiracy realities, whilst avoiding conspiracy theories and quotes widely from ‘Issachar’ commentators, watchmen on the walls of the church who are sounding warnings for any who will listen.
Covered also are the not-so-hidden agendas of scientism and Islam - science that is really religion and religion that is really ideology.
In ‘Not many people know that’, with apologies to Michael Caine, quotations from the books and utterings of the protagonists are cited that the church could surely exploit in its armoury.
Get to know what the ‘euthanasians’ are up to and why they are in reach of their goal.
In ‘What in the world happened to prophecy’, the hundred percent fulfilment of biblical prophecy on the first coming of Jesus is shown mathematically and links are given to the prime prophetic words. The odds are truly staggering, and learn how just about all the events and conditions are now in place before he comes again although no attempt is made at date-setting. Why is the church so fearful of shouting it from the house tops and how scripture said it would be so?
The prospect of a Christian ‘Radio Caroline’ pirate radio station is raised as we get closer to the coming leader who will woo the world and many Christians too.
These are admittedly thorny issues for the church and for non-believers. Magna Carta has embodied biblical truth, justice and love, protecting us from tyranny for centuries. Jesus was mocked with a crown of thorns when he died on the cross for us. He did not yield under the pressure of the world. Together with him we face growing mockery today. We dare not shirk the issues. We can surely do nothing less than to recognise and stand for truth whatever the short term consequences. We have the promise of God that a royal crown awaits those who truly defend and keep the faith

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